So many ideas. So little TIME!

OK guys.  This is it-  I am starting this blog in case anyone is interested in what we’re thinking over here in Goose Creek Valley.  And so I, Lexi, can play around with pre-coded established website design, in contrast to all the tedious, time consuming, generally pain-in-the-neck hand coding that I have been doing lately for school.
One of our lofty plans so far:  BEES.  Signed up for Beginning Beekeeping with biodynamic world-renowned expert Gunther Hauk in Floyd on Saturday.  And 3 more classes after that.

Mark and I are already taking a class through SustainFloyd that meets once a week.  It focuses on wholesale organic vegetable production on at least an acre and a half.  The good thing about it is that it uses some formulas to help take some guess work out of deciding what to grow, how much, and for whom.  We’ve completed one soil test through VA Tech so far of the vegetable garden, with plans to do lots more samples of upper and lower fields.  I am tempted to sneak next door to sludge-land in the dark of night and sample there too.  The vegetable garden profile looks good so far; perfect ph, high in major minerals, more than sufficient in micronutrients, but lacking greatly in organic matter.  So though we’ve been slowly adding to a compost pile we are probably going to have to order a truck load.  Of course before that Mark needs to wrangle up a bush hog and a large tiller.  And I need to get those seeds started!

Mark attended the Virginia Biological Farming Conference in Richmond last month and came home inspired and enthusiastic.  He loved the lecture by Essex Farm and was intrigued by Mushroom Mountain and mycoremediation.  We like the idea of mushrooms 1. because they are yummy, and 2. they are relatively low-input, like beekeeping.
In conjunction with the SustainFloyd class we are working on lots of other info as it applies to the farm;  obtaining government documents on well placement, property lines, etc.  A lot of the class info is not new to us, but the commercial perspective is, and we are most interested in marketing and business aspects.  The model’s goal is to bring in a decent amount of income taking into account expenses that include living expenses or a salary.  At this point starting something here based on this type of formula is in some ways more appealing than starting something on the side as Mark works full time, since any available paid work elsewhere is compensated at levels just SLIGHTLY above the national poverty level.


9 thoughts on “So many ideas. So little TIME!

  1. so excited for your blog! I’ve always wanted to live on a farm (for a set period of time at least) and this will be my way to do it vicariously through you guys! I look forward to reading more.

  2. sounds like you are going about it in a professional way with research etc. but it will take time to get started I imagine. How about growing some things that when dried can be used in crafts? Love

  3. I love the idea of bee keeping – especially after that article you posted about non-honey in grocery stores. we have a local bee keeper up here we buy from, otherwise I try to buy raw honey from Whole Foods. Hopefully we’ll buy from YOU one day! 🙂

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